Novena Pick & Mix!

Whilst periodically we post novenas here in advance of a feast or occasion, the fact is it’s pretty much impossible to keep track with all of the possibilities that come and go in the course of a year – and even if one could it would distract a bit from the overall mission of Golden Rose to be posting a new one every day!

Accordingly, whilst those posted still stand, and whilst one can expect more to be posted at periodic intervals in the future, it seems that something of a ‘once and for all’ Seasonal Rose post, providing an array of novenas that the reader may use to cultivate roses, is in order!

Accordingly, below we have posted a variety of options.
For all those here given, completing the Novena amounts to a rose IF:

  1. It is said at an appropriate time. For some Novenas we post we will give guidance as to when it can be counted as a rose. Where this is absent, you can assume that intentionally preceding or beginning on a Feast day (of whichever liturgical calendar) works. But also if there is a good devotional reason to make it at other times you can count it – so for example the obvious time to make a Novena to the Sacred Heart is before that feast. However if you have a particular desire to do it, say some other time in June or before a given First Friday, you can. And so on and so forth…
  2. Each day’s prayer should take about 5-7 minutes. This will vary with given novenas, but if the prayers of the Novena are much shorter than this, they should be supplemented, e.g. with a few minutes of mental prayer or a decade of the Rosary.
  3. The prayers are said each day of the Novena. The Novena can’t be offered as a full rose if you fall behind and have to catch up, but if you find yourself doing this on a regular basis with novenas, whilst intending to remember each day, you accumulate ‘caught up’ ones and count them as indicated below… (I think one can’t really come up with perfect systems for these things, but the hope is to encourage perseverance whilst acknowledging the effort towards regulating the spiritual practice!)
  • One day missed in the course of the Novena and caught up the next day: Half a rose
  • Two or more days missed, consecutively or at different points, and caught up when remembered in time to finish the novena: One third of a rose

A final point to consider:

Some novenas are longer than others. The completion of one of the novenas given below counts as a rose not because of the length of the prayers said but because of the regularity of the commitment. Above we have said novenas counted as Rosaries should generally take about 5-7 minutes a day. However, without getting into counting every minute as ‘overtime’, if you are praying something that takes much more than this, you can reckon the extra devotions as they may feature according to perennial roses.

OK so let’s take a look at some Novena Options!

This prayer manual contains novenas on pages 560-615. Any of these can be used!

This web page has a selection of novenas with the most appropriate dates of recitation given.

This whole site is dedicated to novenas, with hundreds of them and dates given! You can also explore what is there sorted by dates which makes it really easy to find upcoming ones.

Do you speak Spanish? There is a really cute selection of old novena booklets in Spanish available at this link.

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