Perennial Prayer Roses

Ways in which you can cultivate roses on an ongoing way in your prayer life. The printable form on this page may be helpful to keep track!

N.B. As a general rule, Prayer Roses are mutually exclusive – e.g. if you pray a Rosary during Adoration, either it contributes towards a Rose of Adoration time OR it can be counted towards a Rosary Rose, as you prefer – but not both at the same time. On the other hand, should prayer be required as part of another type of Rose (e.g. Posture penitential roses or praying a decade of the Rosary in Miraculous Medal evangelisaion) both the perennial prayer and the other rose involved may be counted towards simultaneously.

If you are married and/or have children, please see here for other roses that may apply!

The Rosary

The most obvious prayer to begin with this list with is the Rosary, since it (or its Aves or its decades, depending) is already so associated with giving a rose to Our Lady. For the purposes of this website, 20 decades of the Rosary = 1 Rose. These 20 decades can be prayed over any timespan in the month – daily – weekly – monthly, depending only on how often you pray. If you tend to pray five decades daily, look up the Dominican Rosary Confraternity in Grafted Roses to to find an easy way for this daily prayer to amount to two roses a week – without adding an eighth Rosary! 😉

In between each set of 20 decades that you count, the refreshers with which to water your plant may be found here.


Every Hour of Adoration (in one sitting or divided) equates to one Prayer Rose, on the condition that it is prepared for carefully (watering in advance!) This should be Adoration before the Blessed Sacrament in a Monstrance if reasonably possible. If this is genuinely not the case because Adoration is not available nearby, an hour before the Tabernacle can suffice, once one strives to be no less reverent than would be the case before Jesus in the Monstrance. It cannot, for the Rose, be online Adoration – although if it is not possible to get to a Tabernacle there are other ways of praying that equate to being a rose, and if it helps you to have online Adoration at the same time as undertaking these, by all means do this!

Preparation for Adoration – Resources

Divine Office

Praying 5-8 hours of the Divine Office (assuming those potentially omitted are taken from Prime/Terce/Sext/None) is to present a Prayer Rose a day. Here the refresher can be a ten minute meditiation on the readings of the day from the Office of Readings/Matins or reading an appropriate accompaniment to aid prayer, e.g. Divine Intimacy. This supplementary reading or meditation is required for the Rose only if less than three of the daytime hours are prayed. If one is praying in a second language (e.g. Latin or the vernacular of a mission territory) the meditation may be replaced by using the time to check word meanings so the office is better understood!

The Little Office of the Blessed Virgin may also be counted as a rose per day – but here all hours must be prayed. Some can be amalgamated if duties don’t permit praying them during the day. Please ensure that what you are calling Little Office of the Blessed Virgin is in fact that in order to count as being a rose a day (there should be psalms and readings as well as the prayers!).

If less than the full office is prayed, any single major hour (Matins, Lauds, Vespers) or any two minor hours (from Prime, Terce, Sext, None, Compline) prayed daily (or missed only one day in seven) equates to one rose per week. This applies to the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin also. The refresher can be a two minute meditation on the Scripture reading or psalms (one minute each for minor offices).

The Little Office of the Immaculate Conception or other similar offices (there are many, for many devotions!) prayed in their entirety (in one sitting or to sanctify the hours, alone or as a preface to a longer office), may be offered as one rose per seven days of recitation (they don’t have to be consecutive). The refresher is to pray an appropriate accompanying litany to the particular devotion at some point in the week, and to spend five minutes per rose, outside the time of recitation, meditating on the mystery of the office or words of the prayers.

Stations of the Cross

An hour and ten minutes spent praying the Stations of the Cross may be offered as a rose. That roughly equates to praying them quickly three times, reverently twice (with maybe a few extra prayers at the end), or once with meditations lasting about 5 minutes per station. Up to you! The refresher here is contained within the Rose if it is undertaken carefully.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

Assisting at (or offering, for a priest) the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and receiving Holy Communion (assuming the dispositions the Church asks for) is the most beautiful Rose that can be offered – but to be offered as such it must be preceded by ten minutes of preparatory prayer and followed by ten minutes of thanksgiving (if one of these periods is cut short it can be made up by lengthening the other). This time would ideally be in the Church immediately before and after the Mass, but where circumstances (and note that is circumstances – not a snooze button or a restless spirit!) prevent this from being possible, any twenty minutes of prayer that day will suffice. However it must be intentional prayer to prepare and make thanksgiving, and not multi-tasking. This means not praying in the car or on the walk to Mass (good though it is to do those things in addition) and not reciting prayers to do with other roses. Time solely to prepare for and thank Jesus for the Mass and His Eucharistic Presence. If it is helpful to you have materials for this purpose you can uses those on this page.

Divine Mercy Chaplet

Nine Chaplets of Divine Mercy may be offered as a rose. It may be helpful to use the Novena intentions to count these. The refresher is to read any nine of the numbered paragraphs of St. Faustina’s Diary – it doesn’t matter if you read them one at a time together with each chaplet or all seven in a row at some point before giving the Rose.

Lectio Divina

An hour spent in prayer with Scripture, in one sitting or across several, is a rose. The refresher is to spend ten minutes journalling the fruits of your meditation. If to journal is already an inbuilt part of your Lectio, just increase the time for the rose to 70 minutes.


1,000 aspirations may be counted as a Rose. Beads may help with the counting! An aspiration may consist in saying (vocally or mentally), for example: ‘Come Holy Spirit’, ‘Jesus I trust in You’ or ‘O Mary Conceived without sin, pray for use who have recourse to Thee’. It may be praying a line from Scripture, e.g. ‘O God come to my aid, O Lord make haste to help me’ (Ps 69:1) or ‘Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me’ (Luke 18:38). Also to simply, prayerfully invoke Jesus or Mary by name is sufficient as an aspiration.

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